Standard Cleaning

The standard cleaning package keeps your house looking good week after week. With full attention to detail, we clean your home from top to bottom. Have any special requests? Just let our friendly staff know and they'll be glad to help.

  • Baseboards dusted or wiped

  • Tile walls, or bathtubs, and showers cleaned and disinfected

  • Vanity and sink cleaned and sink cleaned and disinfected

  • Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned and shined

  • Trash emptied

  • Floors washed and disinfected/carpets vacuumed

  • Tiolets cleaned and disinfected inside and outside including base and behind

  • Mildew clemically treated

  • Cobwebs removed

  • General dusting

  • Towels changed (if let out)

  • Countertops cleaned

  • Outside of range hood cleaned

  • Top and front of range cleaned

  • Drip pans cleaned

  • Sinks cleaned and disinfected, chrome shined

  • Fronts of other appliances cleaned

  • Floors vacuumed and mopped

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Wipe table and chairs

  • Microwave wipeout

  • General dusting

  • Beds made

  • Flat areas damp cloths dusted

  • Stairs vacuumed

  • Empty closet floors vacuumed

  • All readily accessible floors vacuumed

  • Wood floors vacuumed and dust mopped

  • Mirrors cleaned

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Picture frames dusted

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